Do you want to be a Via Troyana distributor?

  1. Please buy one unit of Via Troyana Extra Virgin 3 liters olive oil;
  2. Be the first to ask your customers, friends and acquaintances to order a unit of the same oil. They will be assigned to you even if they do not make the payment, as long as they enter the shipping address and save the order;
  3. Using the same email address you purchased with and the form at the bottom of this page, send us a message indicating the email address with which your new customers placed the order. Do this every time you get new customers who placed orders.
  • You will accumulate 3% of each purchase paid for by your customers (except for those who request refunds), an amount that you can claim when you accumulate more than 100 USD or the equivalent in your currency.
  • You will receive a monthly email listing your customers and the amount of purchases those customers have made.
  • If you want to keep your role as a distributor, you must renew it every 3 months by making a purchase of the original product or another of equal or higher price.

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